Sacro Cuore Hospital of Negrar

Sacro Cuore Hospital of Don G. Calabria Negrar was born in 1944 thanks to Don Giovanni Calabria, where there was already a residence care called "the citadel of charity". The hospital complex includes "Sacred Heart", "G. Don Calabria," the "Fr E. Perez" and "Fr P. Nogarè”. The main departments include the medical area, the surgical area, the rehabilitation area, the maternal and the area of child. The Hospital of Negrar is particularly renowned for its excellence departments that receive patients from all over Italy. The hospital has always tried to give to its patients the best  professional and human care, so this is the reason why the structure shall pay particular attention to the satisfaction of its patients.


Address: Via Tomenighe di Sotto, 8 - 37024 Negrar - Verona ITALY


Phone: +39 045 6000576

Mobile: +39 329 0978439

Fax:  +39 045 7500462

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